Bag filters

Bag filter housings

Filter bags and baskets

For a range of filtration technologies and applications, choosing bag filters is a simple, easy-to-operate and economical solution. We offer a wide range of filter bags and standard filter housings with a filtration area from 0.07 m2 to 7 m2 in one housing.

Also, special (non-standard) versions of filters are developed and produced, corresponding to the special requirements of the customer.

Bag filters are applicable both for continuous filtration of various liquids and batch filtration. They serve to remove solid impurities from liquids with a predominance of coarse particles, especially the advantage of bag filters is shown when filtering in batches. These filters are widely used for final and control filtration of liquid products. Special models of filter bags are designed to remove unwanted substances by sorption, while multi-layer filter bags are used to filter hard-to-remove particles.

Bag filters are extremely convenient for the flexibility of use, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the filtration - you can choose any of the other, desired selectivity, required rating, suitable material. The filters are characterized by high throughput and high dirt holding capacity. The disadvantages include the impossibility of backwashing and full automation, since the filter bag will have to be changed manually.

However, a bag is not always needed, in some cases the filter can be used without a bag, if you put the appropriate filter basket. In some cases, this will allow the backwash to be used as a regeneration, but usually the basket is simply taken out and washed with a jet of liquid or steam under pressure.

    Areas of use:
  • Removal of bleaching earths and perlite from oil
  • Control oil filtration
  • Filtration of sugar solutions, syrups
  • Protecting Expensive Cartridges
  • Removing diatomaceous earth from beer
  • Filtration of drinks, juices
  • Filtration of varnishes and paints
  • Water treatment
  • Bio-fuel, fuel
  • Filtration of oxidants, detergents
  • Solvents, organic and inorganic acids and alkalis
  • And other areas of application
  • And other filtration equipment and materials