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Our company offers a wide range of membrane elements and filter cartridges (cartridge filters) and filter housings for them. Productivity from 115 l/hour to 250 m3/hour.

Cartridge filters are usually used to solve critical problems in production. They provide high filtration efficiency, good performance, high differential pressure resistance, reverse flushing.

They are used to obtain an ultra-pure filterable liquid, to improve its quality in the production process (product filtration) or to ensure the high quality of the final product (final filtration).

When choosing the type of cartridges, you should not choose only by performance and selectivity, you should take into account their specific characteristics.

Cartridges offer surface filtration (pleated), depth filtration (wound and blown), absorption (with activated carbon) and coalescing (separation). Some models combine several types of filters in one. Also, cartridges are divided according to filtration efficiency into nominal (90-99%), absolute (> 99.9%) and absolute membrane (> 99.99%).

We offer a wide range of filter cartridges for various applications with both standard and non-standard adapters and can therefore be installed in most filter housings.

    Areas of use:
  • Amines, diesel oils, lubricants, liquid sulfur
  • Condensate in power plants
  • Rapeseed oil for bio-fuel, bio-diesel
  • Varnishes and paints
  • Protection of reverse osmosis membranes and cartridges
  • Sugar solutions and syrups
  • Sterile filtration of wine, beer and soft drinks
  • Filtration of oxidants, detergents, solvents, organic and inorganic acids and alkalis
  • And other areas of application

Cartridge filters
Cartridge filters
Cartridge filters
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