Bag filter housings

We offer a full range of single and multi-bag filters for various applications with a filtration area from 0.07 m2 to 7 m2 in one housing.

The AFB series housings are standard bag filter housings available in two sizes - for bag elements sizes 1 and 2. Housings and support baskets are made from food grade stainless steel 316 Ti with a design pressure up to 10 bar and an operating temperature range up to +90 °C.

The AFE series housings are bag filter housings specially designed for the oil and fat industry with an operating temperature range of up to +120 °C.

The AFH series housings are sanitized bag filter housings specially designed for water filtration.

AFZ series housings are special bag filter housings available in two sizes - for bag elements size 1 and 2. They are made of stainless steel 316 with flanges, comply with category II / III PED 97/23 / EC and operate at temperatures up to +150 °C Design pressure up to 10 bar. These housings are designed to filter hazardous liquids and can be ATEX certified to EXII 2G T4 in accordance with EU Directive 94/9/EC.

The MBF series housings are multi-bag filter housings available with the ability to fit three (3) to fourteen (14) size 2 bag elements in one housing, saving space and maintenance time when filtering large volumes and increasing throughput. All MBF enclosures are fitted as standard with a perforated wire support basket. The housings comply with PED 97/23/EC with a design pressure of 6 bar and a design temperature of +150 °C. The material of manufacture is carbon steel or stainless steel.

Multi-bag filters are ideal for applications that require a large filter surface. These baghouses are available in various PED specifications, materials are P265GH carbon steel, 304L and 316L stainless steel. The number of sleeves in the body is from 3 to 14 with a total filtering surface from 1.5 to 7 m2, respectively. Cover opening options - mechanical screw lifter, hydraulic lifter, spring element, quick opening mechanism.

The convenience of multi-bag filters lies in the compactness of the installation compared to several single-bag filters of the same area, only one inlet and outlet (only two valves), and also in opening just one filter to change bags.

The disadvantage of multi-bag filters is that when changing bags, the entire filtering surface is taken out of operation at once, while single-bag filters can be cleaned one by one without stopping filtering. This problem is solved by installing a second filter in parallel with the first.

Integrated filter systems allow continuous filtration by directing flow from one filter to another using valves and gate valves, allowing one filter to be serviced (element replaced) while the other is in operation.

Filter connection: flanges, female thread or union nuts DIN11850.

Seals: Buna N, Viton.

    Special executions:
  • Intrinsically Safe ATEX, Ex II 2G T4
  • Corresponding to PED 97/23/EC cat. III
  • Polypropylene housings resistant to aggressive environments
  • Steam jacketed housings
  • For high temperatures and pressures
  • With the use of special materials and execution according to requirements.