A series of pleated filter elements with absolute and nominal selectivity.

A unique range of cartridges providing cost effective filtration with absolute rating and long life. The filter layer is enclosed between layers of polypropylene fleece and is not subject to fiber migration. Thanks to the pleats, the cartridges have a very large filtration surface, and therefore a large throughput (up to 60 m3/h per cartridge) and a dirt holding capacity comparable to that of bags (up to 5 kg per cartridge). In terms of cost / performance / quality parameters, cartridges of this series are the best choice.

Typical applications: food industry and drinks (mineral water, beer, wine, light juices, vodka, cognac), chemistry and petrochemistry (amines, distilled water), oil production (formation water, seawater desalination), microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, coatings, power plants (condensate polishing).