Cartridge filter housings

We offer a full range of single and multi-cartridge filter housings for various applications with the ability to install from 1 to 136 cartridges in one housing. Filter holders for cartridges are divided into industrial and sterile.

The main difference between industrial filter holders for cartridges is a removable cover and a stationary housing. Without affecting the quality of filtration, this design does not allow using them where the absence of "dead zones" in which bacteria can potentially accumulate is required, that is, in the filtration of food and drugs (with the exception of water treatment). For food production and pharmaceuticals, special "sanitary" filter holders are used.

However, in most other applications this does not matter, so industrial filters are successfully used in almost all industries.

All industrial filter housings are designed for multiple cartridge lengths from 10 to 40 inches. Cartridges are available in DOE (both open) and SOE (dead end) designs. Bayonet adapters X6 and X7 with a diameter of 56mm can only be installed in holders of the AFK series and this should be specified at the stage of ordering the holder.

A series of industrial filter holders for one cartridge is designed for small flows. Plastic holders are suitable for both water and liquids that can destroy stainless steel. Stainless steel AFL clamp holders feature a quick cartridge change but are not designed for high pressure.

The housings of the AFL series for one filter cartridge are produced, depending on the requirements, from plastic or stainless steel. The 10" and 20" plastic cases are available in polypropylene or clear SAN. The stainless steel housings are available in 3 sizes and allow the use of filter elements with Double Open End XO or Single Open End X3 endings.

The AFM series housings are the standard cartridge filter housing for the filtration of non-hazardous liquids. The body is made for 6 cartridges from 10 to 40 inches long, from food grade stainless steel with design pressure up to 10 bar and working temperature range up to +90 °C. Compatible cartridge ending configurations are Double Open End X0, X4 and X9 and Single Open End X3.

The AFS series enclosures are sanitized enclosures with the ability to accept 1 to 30 cartridges from 10” to 40” in length. The case is made of polished stainless steel, in accordance with the requirements, cartridges with endings - Single Open End X7, X6, X8 and X3 can be installed in it. Design temperature up to +150 °C. The housing complies with PED 97/23/EC.

The AFK series housings are industrial cartridge filter housings and can hold 6 to 34 cartridges from 10" to 40" in length. That is, in a 10-inch equivalent, from 6 to 136 cartridges. AFK enclosures are made of stainless steel and comply with PED 97/23/EC category II/III/IV (depending on size), temperature range up to +150 °C. These housings are designed to filter hazardous and non-hazardous liquids (and gases). The lid is hinged or equipped with a “Davit” lifting device. Design pressure is up to 10 and up to 12 bar. The internal structure is designed with the possibility of using cartridges with endings - Double Open End X0, X4 and X9 and Single Open End X3.

Integrated filter systems allow continuous filtration by directing flow from one filter to another using valves and gate valves, allowing one filter to be serviced (element replaced) while the other is in operation.

Connection: flanges, female thread or union nuts DIN11850.

    Special executions:
  • Intrinsically Safe ATEX Ex II 2G T4
  • Corresponding to PED 97/23/EC cat. III
  • Polypropylene housings resistant to aggressive environments
  • Sanitary sterile
  • Steam jacketed housings
  • Reinforced, up to 210 bar and +230 °C
  • With the use of special materials and execution according to requirements

Cartridge filter housings
Cartridge filter housings
Cartridge filter housings