Filter sheets HOBRAFILT

We offer a wide range of high quality HOBRAFILT® filter sheets for various applications. Depth filter sheets "HOBRAFILT" are made of special types of high quality cellulose fibers, diatomaceous earth and perlite, which form a three-dimensional (dimensional) depth filter with a large internal surface.

All HOBRAFILT leaf filters are suitable for food and beverage applications and fully comply with FDA and other standards.

HOBRAFILT filter sheets are available in 20x20, 40x40 and 60x61.4 cm formats.

Based on customer requirements, HOBRAFILT filter sheets are supplied in any required size and shape, such as round or cardboard with various holes, etc.

HOBRAFILT sheet filter range

"N" series - filter sheets are used in all common applications in the beverage, fermentation, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology and cosmetics.

"NT" series - were especially developed for economic use during filtration in the beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The sheet thickness and composition were designed to remove impurities during filtration from a typical production batch so that the sheets have the filtration capacity required for the given filtration. This practically eliminates the unused capacity of sheets and increases efficiency. In case of a high concentration of impurities, we recommend consulting the use of Hobrafilt® filter sheets of the "NT" series with our specialists.

"C" series - are depth filter sheets intended for demanding filtration of fine distillates, such as cognac, brandy, whiskey, etc., as well as for fruit distillates, such as plum brandy, Grappa, Chacha, and others. Excellent results are achieved also during vodka filtration. These special sheets can also be used in the production of pharmacy, biotechnology, herb extracts, as well as in other fields. The product series of filter sheets Hobrafilt® "C" offers a wide selection of flow capacities and retention that ensures exact fit for the given type of filtration.

"R" series - the presence of adsorbents multiplies the filtration area and improves the filtration process. filtersheets feature increased sorption capacity and are especially intended for special food filtration applications, in particular for gelatin filtration.

"АС" series - these activated carbon filtersheets contains different types of activated carbon and in different volume. Filtersheets of an "AC" series are intended for filtration applications in the beverage industry, being especially suitable for the removal of aftertaste and discoloration in alcohol, sugar solutions, eventually for filtration of vodka. They are also usable in different chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

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A filtersheet is essentially a three-dimensional, deep filter consisting of adsorbents of a large inner surface. This can be imagined as a labyrinth of little chambers and channels of different lengths inside the sheet where dirt is captured.

Contrary to screen filtration, the presence of adsorbents in a deep filtersheet will multiply the total filtration area and, thereby, increase the quantity of the solution being filtered.

Areas of use

  • Filtration of wine, beer, liqueurs
  • Filtration of cognacs, whiskey, brandy
  • Filtration of thick alcoholic drinks
  • Pre-filtering
  • Polishing filtration of vegetable oils
  • Final filtration
  • Filtration of sugar syrup
  • Control filtration
  • Filtration of soft drinks
  • Food filtration
  • Filtration in the chemical industry
  • Filtration of pharmaceutical products
  • Filtration of fine chemicals
  • Depth filter board with low calcium content for filtering cognacs and other alcoholic beverages
Filter sheets HOBRAFILT
Filter sheets HOBRAFILT
Filter sheets HOBRAFILT
Filter sheets HOBRAFILT